Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ashura 2014 in Iran

In Muharram 2014, Supreme leader of Iran held some Majalis in his Husseiniye. In these meetings, some prominent Shia mullah speaks about Ashura uprising and scarifices of Imam Hussein and his companions. Then he talks about disasters imposed on Hussein (AS), his followers, women and daughters and people cry on these sorrows. After this, a Maddah sings some poetry and people mourn for Imam Hossein and his companions in Karbala. Typical Mourning in Iran is striking on chest with hands, known as SinehZani. Some other types of mourning like Tatbir (Self-mutilation, Flagellation or GhameZani) which may be seen in other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are forbidden in Iran, due to the Fatwa of Imam Khamenei.
The following photos are taken in the day of Ashura 2014 in Beyte-Rahbari (Husseiniye of Imam Khomeini in Iran):

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