Sunday, October 2, 2016

Muharram 2016 (1438)

Today is the first day of Muharram in 2016 (1438 A.H).
Although Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his family and companions have not arrived yet to Karbala in such day but mourning ceremonies have got started at all over the cities in Iran as well as other countries by Shia Muslim people to follow Imam Reza’s mourning style for the martyrdom anniversary of the holy prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain. Read more about Imam Reza’s style at here
Imam Reza, the 8th beloved Imam, said about his father, Imam Musa (Moses) Kazem (PBUH):
“No one could have seen my father’s smile when the month of Muharram came. Sadness was increasing in his face day by day till the tenth of Muharram [day of Ashura] and when the tenth day of Muharram would dawn, it would be a day of grief and weeping for him.”

Ref. Amali Saduq, P.111
Source of this post: Quote about Ashura

قال الرضا علیه السلام: کان ابی اذا دخل شهر المحرم لا یری ضاحکا و کانت الکابة تغلب علیه حتی یمضی منه عشرة ایام، فاذا کان الیوم العاشر کان ذلک الیوم یوم مصیبته و حزنه و بکائه
امام رضا علیه السلام فرمود: هر گاه ماه محرم فرا می رسید، پدرم (موسی بن جعفر علیه السلام) دیگر خندان دیده نمی شد و غم و افسردگی بر او غلبه می یافت تا آن که ده روز از محرم می گذشت، روز دهم محرم که می شد، آن روز، روز مصیبت و اندوه و گریه پدرم بود
امالی صدوق، ص 111

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