Shia Beliefs

There are two types of beliefs in theology of Shia Islam: primary and secondary principles. Primary principles like oneness of Allah and prophecy of Muhammd must be achieved with research while, in secondary principles like Salat and Fasting we must follow a religious expert (a Mujtahid) like Ayatollah Khamenei or Ayatollah Sistani or others.

Twelver Shia Muslims have five primary principles:
  1. Tawhid (توحید): Allah is the only God in the world.
    He is not born of anyone nor gave birth to any one, nor is any one like Him
  2. Prophethood (نبوت): Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah.
    Shia Muslims believe in all the Prophets that God has appointed to guide mankind.
  3. Imamat (امامت): After the prophet, there are 12 Imams,
    responsible for guidance and leadership of Muslims. They are appointed by Allah.
  4. Fairness: Allah is Fair, he doesn’t oppress anyone
    God does not punish people who have obeyed and worshipped him, and does not reward people who have disobeyed Him
  5. Resurrection: All mankind will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment
    To be judged for their actions and rewarded or punished, depending on each individual’s worldly conduct
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The following picture shows primary (Osule Din) and secondary beliefs (Foru'e Din) of Shia Muslims.

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