Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Self Flagellation in Ashura?

Every time I look at Google for the word Ashura or Ashoora, I see lots of bloody photos of people who are flagellating themselves with chains of blades, sword, knife or other sharp metal things! Now the question is that:

Is Self Flagellation in Ashura Legal in Shia Religion?

Is this the truth about Shia and Ashura? That means do all the Shia Muslims flagellate themselves during Ashura? It seems so crazy and unbelievable, since that I am a Shia Muslim and I never did it and never see somebody flagellate himself in our Shia cities during my life! So why Google shows these Images in its first page and why it never filters them while they contain violent and rough images.

Answer is so clear. Google doesn't like Shia thoughts to be spread throughout the world. Google is under supervision of Zionists and it is not acceptable for them that the religion of resistance, Shia, which is against Israel (Hizbullah, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq) has a good face in Google results! So it shows images of Hindu men that believe in No Pain, No Gain and mutilate themselves in Muharram procession!
Self Mutilation in Ashura! Forbidden in Shia
What Western Media and Google See for Ashura.
Most of those people flagellating themselves are Hindu, not Shia! Self-flagellation is forbidden in Shia according to Fatwas of their grand Ayatollahs like Ali Khamenei and Ali Sistani ( see )
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reason of Imam Hussein's Revolution in Ashura

What is the reason of Imam Hussein revolution?

Shia Truth: reason of Imam Hussein's uprising against Yazid - Ashura Truth Imam Hussein (as) introduced some reasons of his uprising in a testament letter to his brother Muhammad Hanafiah:
I did not come out seeking to do evil, nor seeking to have fun, nor seeking corruption nor oppression. Rather, I came out seeking reform in the nation of my Grandfather. I want to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura

Shia Truth - Lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura
Some lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura 

What is Ashura and Who is Imam Hussein?

Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar). On this day, in more than 14 centuries ago and in a place called Karbala which is now in Iraq, Imam Hussain who was the 3'rd Imam of Shia Muslims and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with many of his family members and all of his companions sacrificed their lives in order to save the teachings of Islam from utter distortion and destruction. Shia Muslims do not fast on this day. They dress in black and take to the streets and mosques on this day to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH) who is remembered as the symbol of freedom and dignity. Imam rose up against the tyrant of the time, Yazid, and was martyred after rejecting allegiance to him.
In the battle of Karbala, Imam Hussein and his companions were encircled by an army of 30,000 which decapitated martyrs and ran over bodies with horses.
Yazid’s army then plundered tents of Imam Hussein’s family and burned them. Then, they moved girls and women along heads of the martyrs to Yazid’s court.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Imam Hussein and Heart of Believers - Hadith of Prophet

صلی الله علیک یا اباعبدالله الحسین

Another Muharram (2015) came to us and thanks Allah for that we can again mourn for Imam Hussein (as) and his oppressed companions. May Allah accept our Azadari and write our names in the list of lovers of the AhleBayt of the prophet.

Hadith of Prophet(pbuh) about Imam Hussein(as)
The prophet (PBUH) looked Hussein (as) while he was in front of him, so he sat on his knee and said: Verily the killing of Hussein makes a fire in the hearts of believers that never shuts down.
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Hadith of Prophet Muhammad about Imam Hussein - Shia Truth - حدیث پیامبر در مورد شهادت امام حسین


The Truth about Sahih al-Bukhari - Introduction

Sahih al-Bukhari is a book written about 200 years after the prophet (pbuh). It is considered as the most authentic source of Ahadith amongst Sunni scholars. This video reveals some facts about this book. It contains only documented materials and there is no insult in it.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Complete version of Ghadir sermon in different languages

The world of Islam is mourning for more than 5000 Muslims died in the #TragedyOfMina in Mecca. We hope for them to be guests of Imam Ali in the great Eid of Ghadir InshaAllah

After all tomorrow is the great Eid of Ghadir, and I want to deliver my deep congratulations to all Muslims specially followers of Imam Ali, Shia Muslims.

Here there is great site in where you can pilgrimage holy shrine of #ImamAli in #Najaf remotely  within your browser:

Download complete  #GhadirSermon  in different languages:
َArabic - 504 KB:

English - 424 KB:

Farsi - 556 KB

French - 448 KB:

Spanish - 521 KB:

German - 698 KB:

shia truth-Part of Ghadir sermon narrated by lots of Shia and Sunni scholars
Part of Ghadir sermon narrated by lots of Shia and Sunni scholars