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Lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura

Shia Truth - Lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura
Some lessons from Imam Hussein and Ashura 

What is Ashura and Who is Imam Hussein?

Ashura is the tenth day of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar). On this day, in more than 14 centuries ago and in a place called Karbala which is now in Iraq, Imam Hussain who was the 3'rd Imam of Shia Muslims and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with many of his family members and all of his companions sacrificed their lives in order to save the teachings of Islam from utter distortion and destruction. Shia Muslims do not fast on this day. They dress in black and take to the streets and mosques on this day to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH) who is remembered as the symbol of freedom and dignity. Imam rose up against the tyrant of the time, Yazid, and was martyred after rejecting allegiance to him.
In the battle of Karbala, Imam Hussein and his companions were encircled by an army of 30,000 which decapitated martyrs and ran over bodies with horses.
Yazid’s army then plundered tents of Imam Hussein’s family and burned them. Then, they moved girls and women along heads of the martyrs to Yazid’s court.

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