Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Photos of Arbaeen 2014 in Karbala

In Arbaeen 2014, I had the opportunity of traveling to Iraq for the first time and participating in the largest peaceful walking in the world. Definitely this travel was my best journey during my life. A spiritual trip with many hardships but full of love for Imam Hussein (AS). About 20 millions pilgrims, 15 millions from within Iraq and 5 millions from outside, marked this Shia religious ritual. Almost all pilgrims fed up for free by thousands of volunteers in places called Mookeb... Unfortunately, news agencies were absent in this great procession, but in fact every pilgrim was a medium and InshaAllah very soon the whole world will hear the sound of Labbaik Ya Hussein! (O Imam Hussein! we are with you and in your path untill the appearance of Mahdi (ATFS). )
The following photos are taken during my 6 days visit of Iraq and walking in the road of Ya Hussein between Najaf and Karbala with 85 Km length: (Click on images for larger resolution. If you want better resolutions, contact me through comments. For more images see Photos of Arbaeen 2014 in my personal blog)

Inside Haram Imam Ali (AS) during Arbaeen 2014 - حرم امیرالمومنین علیه السلام
Inside haram of Amir Almo'menin Imam Ali (AS) in Najaf
Biggest gathering in the world - Arbaeen 2014 - بزرگترین اجتماع پیاده دنیا، اربعین 1436 
Millions of pilgrims towards Hussein (AS) 
A 100 Years Old Man Walks Towards Imam Hussein (AS) Holy Shrine
Millions of People Outside Haram of Imam Hussein in Arbaeen 2014 - جمعیت میلیونی اطراف حرم امام حسین در اربعین
Millions of Shia pilgrims outside Haram of Imam Hussein during Arbaeen 2014
A man with three children walking towards Karbala in Arbaeen 2014
 Traveling on Feet to Karbala, Inside Iraq - زیارت اربعین 2014 - داخل خاک عراق 

Inside Haram of Imam Hussein (AS) in the day of Arbaeen 2014 (13 Dec in this year)
Haram Abalfazl Abbas (AS), Brother of Imam Hussein (AS) in Karbala
Unofficial news says: About 3 million Iranians traveled to Karbala on foot for the day of Arbaeen
Iranians walking towards Iraq borders
Free Milk for Pilgrims - شیر نذری برای زائرین اربعین 1436  
Volunteers feeding pilgrims with breakfast, tea, milk, lunch and dinner



Biggest gathering in the world - Arbaeen 2014 - بزرگترین اجتماع پیاده دنیا، اربعین 1436

Sleeping in Moukebs - خواب زائرین در موکبهای بین راه

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