Thursday, November 27, 2014

Danger of Takfiri Thought within Muslims in Imam Khamenei ViewPoint

There is an undeniable point which is the fact that the #takfiri orientation and the governments which support and advocate it move completely in the direction of the goals of arrogance and #Zionism . Their work is in line with the goals of America, the colonialist governments in Europe and the government of the usurping Zionist regime. There are clear signs which cannot be ignored. I would like to mention a few of these signs: one is that the takfiri orientation managed to make the movement of Islamic Awakening deviate from its path. The movement of #IslamicAwakening was an anti-American and anti-arrogance movement which was against the elements that America had installed in the region. It was a movement that had been launched by the masses of the people in different countries of North Africa. These countries were against arrogance and America. The takfiri orientation changed the direction of this anti-arrogance, anti-American and anti-tyranny movement. It turned it into a war between Muslims and into fratricide. 
Danger of Takfiri thought for Muslims in viewpoint of Imam Khamenei
Ayatollah Khamenei: Takfirism diverted the struggle from the liberation
of Palestine to the war among Muslims in Iraq ans Syria.
The front line of fighting in the region was the borders of occupied Palestine, but the takfiri orientation came and changed this front line to the streets of Baghdad, the Jameh Mosque of #Syria and Damascus, the streets of #Pakistan and different cities of Syria. These places became the front line of fighting. Take a look at the condition of today's #Libya , Syria, Iraq and Pakistan and see against whom the forces and swords of Muslims are being used. These forces should have been used against the Zionist regime. The takfiri orientation changed the direction of this fighting to our homes, our cities and our Islamic countries.
Ayatollah Khamenei, 11/25/2014

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