Friday, July 10, 2015

Google against Shia Muslims

Google shows violent pictures from 7 years ago (2008) for the search term "Shia Muslim" within past week results!
What the free flow of information!

It must be said that this type of mourning (self flagellation, Qameh zani, Tatbir or zanjir zani) marked by x in the following figure, is forbidden in Shia and these people are a minority unaware Muslims which their actions are highlighted by western media.

google is against shia islam and shows violent photos in the first page for search term "shia muslim"w

The following sentences are part of a speech from Imam Khamenei given to scholars of Kohkiluyeh and Boyir Ahmad, Muharram:

Blood mourning (Qam'e Zani) is a part of the culture that was made up. It is an issue that has no relation to religion and, without doubt, Allah is not happy with it.
It is an incorrect action which some people perform – taking a blade in one’s hand and hitting themselves on the head with it spilling their blood. What do they do this for? How is this action considered mourning? Of course, hitting one’s head with their hands is a form of mourning. You have seen over and over again, a person who has had something bad happen to them, hit themselves on their head and chest. This is a normal sign of mourning. But, have you ever seen a person who has had something bad happen to their most loved (ones) hit themselves on the head with a sword until blood flows down? How is this action considered mourning?
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