Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stop War On Yemen

Its about 50 days that another war is conducted by the puppets of USA and Israel in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia started a child killing war on a great nation, Yemen, only because they said no to alien interventions and decided to make an independent Islamic country.
Just like the other cases in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the US, EU and some Arab media started the propaganda that we want to return the legal government to Yemen and repel the Houthi rebels!! However Iran is making intervention in Yemen and prevent us from peaceful operations in Yemen! Another joke :)
The truth is that everyday tens of children and women are killed in Yemen and eyes of media are closed on them because no country must wake up and ask for independence. All countries in the world must be under supervision of America (they still think they are a sheriff!) and if some country like Iran or Yemen take another scenario they must be imposed with sanctions or war!
A common attribute of all countries under attack is that they are Shia Muslims (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain) and  USA fears from Shia Muslims. They experienced a Shia revolution in Iran by Imam Khomeini in 1979 which is standing against arrogance for about 37 years. Neither 8-year war stopped them nor hard sanctions. They fear that another Islamic revolution take places in Yemen, Bahrain, etc.
War on Yemen - Shia Under Attack
Saudi-America War On Yemen

Saudi-America-Israel War On Yemen

Children killers, stop war on yemen


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