Sunday, January 4, 2015

Congratulations on the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and start of the unity week between Muslims

Today is 12 Rabi'AlAwwal (Arabic Calendar). According to some documents specially from Sunni brothers, in this day, the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was born. Shia Muslims however say that the prophet was born in 17 of Rabi'.
Congratulations on birth of the prophet Muhammad - Shia Muslims

Imam Khomeini declared the days between 12 and 17 Rabi' as the week of unity and friendship between Muslims. So accept my deep congratulations on the birth of the Holy Prophet #Muhammad (SAWA) and start of the #unity and #friendship week between Muslims.

Our leader, Imam Khamenei always emphasize on the unity between Muslims and respecting each others. In a lecture at 05/19/2009, Ayatollah Khamenei said:
The enemy is hoping to pitch the followers of different Islamic denominations against one another. Nobody must give in to this spiteful plot of the enemy. They want to incite #Shia against #Sunni and Sunni against Shia. They want to sow spite and suspicion in the hearts of #Muslims. That was why I declared that disrespect for each other's beliefs forms the red lines from an Islamic point of view and from our perspective. Those who disrespect what is held sacred in an Islamic denomination, be it Sunni or Shia #Islam, do not know what they are doing. These acts of desecration provide the enemy with the best means. These are the red lines.
Shia and Sunni Muslims have their own religious ceremonies, rituals, duties, and tendencies, and they must follow their own principles. But under no circumstances should Shia or Sunni Muslims disrespect what the other denomination holds sacred. Some Shia or Sunni Muslims say certain things due to their lack of vigilance and reject one another. That is exactly what the enemy wants.

Unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims

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